Why hire a professional Makeup Artist?

It is extremely important to have a professional makeup artist do your makeup on your wedding day or event. Knowing how to apply makeup to be camera ready is completely different from applying your everyday makeup look. A professional Makeup Artist not only considers your skin tone, eye color and hair color, I gauge the application geared to the types of light sources that will be present when your photos are taken.

Do you offer airbrush makeup?

Yes! Airbrush makeup is my number one most requested look! It’s perfect for flawless-appearing skin. It is 24-hour wear, that is lightweight, non-greasy, and waterproof, which is important for those of you who plan to cry or sweat on your wedding day, it is lightweight, and non-greasy. Brides love it! Read more about airbrush makeup here.

Why is a makeup trial important?

This is when we meet, discuss, plan, and make your dream look come true. It’s like a practice session in preparation for a public appearance. After we create your makeup look that is timeless and elegant, we will discuss wedding day timelines. My job is to make you feel at ease in every way.

What can I expect during our makeup session?

You can expect a wonderful, relaxing, calming, and personalized experience. It’s a time for me to enhance your best features, ultimately creating the perfect look for your most special day. I will spend as much time as we need in order to achieve what you’ve dreamed of.

Is there really a difference between drug store makeup and professional makeup?

Professional makeup is made with better quality base ingredients, which cause the products to have better and longer wearability, glide on more smoothly, crease and crack less often, and are often gentler on the skin. These products may also contain ingredients to help increase firmness, help with acne, and camouflage wrinkles. Professional makeup contains a higher amount of pigment (color) vs fillers. The pigments (color) are more finely ground, therefore making the color look more intense and truer. As well, professional products often have a wider color range. High end powders are milled more finely, which helps to create a flawless finish and is also less likely to contain irritating ingredients, such as talc. The sunscreens are also not as high. The titanium dioxide (sunscreen) in drug store brands are more light reflective, which can wreak havoc on your images. Professional makeup brushes, as well, are crucial for a flawless and perfect application.

Why hire a licensed makeup artist?

The states of NC and SC does require all makeup artists to be licensed. Unfortunately it is not always mandated. Many freelance makeup artists are practicing without a license. When hiring a makeup artist it is important to know that they have the proper knowledge and training therefore you know that you are hiring a true professional instead of for example someone who learned off of YouTube. I am a fully licensed esthetician and makeup artist. I have a background not only in makeup but medical aesthetics, waxing, laser treatments and hair. I am also trained to teach you how to both care for and maintain your skin. If you have any questions regarding your states policy and laws please click the Online Academy Makeup Academy’s Web site here.

How far in advance of my event should I contact you?

It is best to contact me as soon as possible. There are so many important vendors that you have to consider on your wedding day, with your photographer being one of the most important and most likely a large portion of your budget. You want to look at your photos and the timeless beauty of your day with memories that will last a lifetime. I book up quickly, so reserve your date as soon as possible, as your choice of a professional makeup artist will greatly effect the outcome of your priceless photos.